International German Genealogy Partnership

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The International German Genealogy Partnership is a group of partner societies interested in German Genealogy. 


The partnership is a network to share ideas, contacts, research information and resources to help our members trace their Germanic heritage wherever it is found.


“Uniting German Genealogy Researchers Worldwide” is our goal.


The IGGP facilitates German genealogy research globally as the internationally recognized federation of German genealogy organizations. IGGP was formerly known as German-American Genealogical Partnership (GAGP).


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October 17
Prussia and the Baltic States
JewishGen Education is offering a month-long course on Prussia and the Baltic States. The target audience is those whose ancestral roots were in East Prussia, ...

October 19
6:00 pm
German-Jewish Diaspora and its Cross-Pacific Experience: From China to the United States
More than 17,000 German and Austrian Jewish refugees fled from the Nazi terror to Shanghai, China, from 1938 to 1941. The refugees’ hope to ...

October 20
1:00 pm
Latin Handwriting
Fritz Juengling will be presenting the topic of Latin Handwriting.  Latin has been the language of the Church for centuries.  Being able to read Latin gives ...

October 20
1:00 pm
A Nation of Descendants: Politics and the Practice of Genealogy in U.S. History
Author Francesca Morgan traces Americans’ fascination with tracking family lineage through three centuries. She examines how specific groups throughout history grappled with finding and recording ...

October 20
6:00 pm
Die Matriken (Kirchenb├╝cher, Zivilmatriken)
Konfessionen, Beginn, Sprachen, Inhalt   Vortragender: Günter Ofner Anmelden:   2. virtueller genealogischer Jahreskurs bei Familia Austria. In 35 Vorträgen, Schulungen und Analyseabenden können ...