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iggp conference 2023: crossroads and connections: find your family story
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Crossroads and Connections: Find Your Family Story 2023 IGGP conference theme sets the goal for event in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA 


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The International German Genealogy Partnership is a group of partner societies interested in German Genealogy.  The partnership is a network to share ideas, contacts, research information and resources to help our members trace their Germanic heritage wherever it is found. The IGGP facilitates German genealogy research globally as the internationally recognized federation of German genealogy organizations.


“Uniting German Genealogy Researchers Worldwide”


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November 30
6:00 pm
Tiroler Auswanderer ins Saarland
Vortragende: Anke Michels. Bitte hier anmelden.

December 3
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Christmas Market
Get into the holiday spirit by visiting the German Free School and its gardens as they transform into the most authentic German Christmas Market in ...

December 3
6:00 pm
Hybrid book launch party
Start the Christmas season with German food, beer, wine, and good cheer at the German-American Heritage Museum in Washington, DC. Author Ray Kessel (former ...

December 8
7:00 pm
Von dr Alb ra nach Amerika. Good-bye Gussenstadt - Griaß Godd America. Neue Heimat für viele Gussenstadter. Auswanderungen vom 18. bis 20. Jahrhundert in die ...

December 8
8:00 pm to 9:15 pm
Gail Blankenau “Digging Deeper into German Parish Records, Part II”
Register Now | Join Gail Blankenau in a deeper dive into German records, including a discussion of illegitimacy, divorce, bridging record gaps, using confirmation records and more. ...