Become a partner

IGGP welcomes new partners!

The IGGP is an international partnership of groups (and their members) researching the genealogy of German-speaking or German heritage communities.
We do this by:
  • Building synergy among worldwide genealogy groups 
  • Encouraging networking among partners and individuals
  • Sharing information about resources to partners and their members
  • Promoting and helping each partner to be more successful
  • Connecting unaffiliated individuals with partners who can be of assistance
Partnership is available to organizations whose PRIMARY focus is the genealogy of German-speaking or German heritage communities in their region or home country. Please read our bylaws to further understand our mission.
Partners are eligible to vote on IGGP business as it arises. Partner expectations also include:
  • Naming of at least one representative from the society to the IGGP
  • Participating actively to build and support the partnership
  • Encouraging volunteer assistance from within your organization for IGGP activities

To request partnership on behalf of a society, submit the form at right.

While individuals and commercial entities are not eligible as partners, we welcome your expertise and contributions as Friends and Donors.

  • Friends are institutions, organizations or individuals that support and encourage the genealogy,  history and culture of German-speaking communities around the world. Email for further information.
  • Donors are those who wish to financially support the IGGP’s mission and goals through donations or as sponsors or exhibitors at our international conferences. Email for further information.

Request partnership

Your request to join the partnership will be sent to the board of directors for review. You also may be asked for a virtual meeting with an IGGP representative to discuss your society’s goals and interest in the IGGP. Once approved, you will be asked to complete a partner form.

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