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Uniting German Genealogy Researchers Worldwide is our motto and reflects our goal to assist in the creation and strengthening of connections between organizations that support German genealogy research. More specifically, we seek to:

  • Support each partner in its efforts to fulfill its purpose and reach its goals;
  • Promote each partner’s events and organization within the partnership and to others;
  • Encourage networking;
  • Facilitate research help;
  • Collect and share German genealogical knowledge, references, resources, and information.

IGGP is a partnership of societies. We do not have individual members because our mission is to help our partners to serve their own members. And what that looks like is different in each case.

To understand how we see our role, it’s important to know IGGP operates as an international network. We provide the structure to connect our partners. Which then allows them to decide whether and how to share resources, experiences, contacts. projects and ideas.

IGGP does not collect dues at this time. Our funding needs so far are supported by donations and our conferences. This decision was taken because we want the smallest local historical society to the largest national group to have the opportunity to participate in this German genealogy network.

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We believe that being a partner adds value to the membership your society provides to individuals. IGGP partnership can help both societies and their members.

Benefits for the society

It’s all about connections. Meeting people, working together, building for future genealogists. You will be part of a network passionate about the same thing your organization cares about: German genealogy. We are unique in that way. IGGP gives you leverage to expose your society to a worldwide audience, allowing you to reach potential new members, work with others on common interests and inform your members of resources that previously were unknown outside a limited area.

Benefits for the member of a society

Just to be clear, IGGP does NOT provide genealogy research on an individual basis. But we do offer resources that allow you to find those who can help, starting with a listing of all our partner societies. And because our partnership is international, your society now can expose you to new speakers, events, programs, and resources. All of which adds value to your membership in your society.

Society partnership

IGGP welcomes new partners! Generally, it has to be a society or society sub-group focused on German genealogy and history, and committed to our mission and goals.

We also have expectations of our partners. The society has to appoint at least one representative to act as a liaison to and from IGGP and to participate in our partner Zoom meetings. We want the society to encourage and expect two-way communication with the partnership. And to make contact with other partners to define and work on shared goals. And, of course, we turn to our partners when volunteers are needed to help make IGGP activities a success.

If your society has questions about joining the IGGP, you can email to Or complete our partnership form to begin the conversation.

Not a society?

As noted several times, we are a network of societies. But if you are an archive/library, cultural or historical group or other association, we welcome you as a “friend” of IGGP. Your resources and activities are helpful even if not genealogy-focused. Email your interest to Friends are listed on our website.

If you are a professional who provides research services, we can list you as such on our website with the caveat that we do NOT endorse any business. Those listed are NOT permitted to use IGGP’s name or logo in any of their marketing. If being listed is of interest to you, visit our researcher page to see the type of information provided. Then email your details to This listing is available for those who are expert in the genealogy of German-speaking ancestors.

If you wish to support IGGP with a financial donation, please email to for further details.

If you are a business, we welcome your support as an exhibitor or sponsor at our conferences. Information on conferences is provided as planning proceeds or you may request information by writing to

In all cases, thank you for your interest!

Some of our success stories (first decade)

Working together across borders, languages, time zones and cultures is challenging. Here are several areas  in which IGGP has made it work for our partners and their members.

Speaker awareness

Raising awareness about speakers who are expert in German genealogical topics is one area where IGGP has been quite successful. Your society might otherwise not know about them, and in the age of Zoom, it’s easy to invite a speaker from Brazil, for example, to give a presentation. We now see speakers in Germany sharing their expertise to audiences in the U.S. and vice versa.

For those society volunteers charged with program planning, our conferences are a great source of information. You will find those well-known experts as speakers, of course, but we always are on the lookout for new faces with expertise in topics we normally would not hear about.

Collaborative efforts

During the pandemic, we all faced the option of not meeting or getting up to speed quickly on virtual. At our partner meetings, we shared what tools worked or not, or the best technical procedures, or policies on open meetings vs. assets for members-only. Those who were early adopters answered questions from novices. It was crowd-sourcing and certainly helpful to all.

Sharing expertise

As IGGP has gained more experience with this idea of working together across national borders, languages and cultures, we’ve found that once a structure exists for sharing bright ideas, they turn out to be pretty helpful.

  • A German society member started a Kids-Genealogy project for which he publishes guides and ideas about involving kids in genealogy. He shared some of his suggestions in a partner meeting.
  • You may have experienced the frustration of trying to read the old Kurrent or Sütterlin scripts. At our conferences, we’ve gathered volunteers who help people transcribe or translate family documents.
  • Connection sessions — peer groups on a common topic where people ask questions and share their experiences — are part of our brand. They began at our first conference and have expanded since then.