Founding agreement


The President of the Germanic Genealogy Society (GGS), Kim Ashford from Minnetonka, Minnesota, affiliate Chair of the Pommern Regional Group of Minnesota (PRG) James Neuenfeldt from Cottage Grove, Minnesota, and the National Chairman of the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft genealogischer Verbände (DAGV), Dirk Weissleder from Laatzen, Germany, signed a Proclamation of St. Paul (2015) to bring together a closer German-American genealogical relationship. This partnership forms a German-American genealogy structure between countries and organizations for sharing contacts and genealogical research. This partnership is open to all organizations interested in German genealogical research.

Common goals

The common elements of this agreement are to create a partnership between organizations and individuals interested in German genealogy research; to share strategies for research; to help develop contacts between organizations and individuals; to create a list of most valuable references, resources and websites, and to create contact lists of organizations, speakers, researchers, guides, historians and translators in support of the Proclamation of St. Paul, which is the partnership between GGS, PRG and DAGV.

Future vision

The larger vision and goals of this agreement are to share knowledge and research strategies and to develop webpages that describe the partnership and share information.