Arbeitskreis Familienforschung Dithmarschen im Verein für Dithmarscher Landeskunde e.V.

Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e.V.


Our association not only deals with regional history, but also promotes regional studies and is dedicated to landscape conservation. Current cultural, ecological and economic issues play just as much a role as the analysis of historical contexts.

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Verein für Dithmarscher Landeskunde e.V.
Katja Thode
Alten Eesch 19
25729 Windbergen

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Regional History and Lamdscape Conservation


  1.  The purpose of the association is to promote local regional studies and landscape conservation through the presentation, research and promotion of the region from a historical, cultural, ecological and economic perspective.
  2.  The purpose of the association is fulfilled, among other things, by supporting research projects and rescue and conservation measures for historical evidence as well as through the management of protected areas and objects worthy of protection, takeover appropriate care measures, creation of documentation, statements and Publications, as well as through study trips, excursions, lectures and guided tours. Also the acquisition of areas and land for the purpose of nature and monument protection belongs to the fulfillment of the purpose of the association. The club makes and maintains contacts to other associations, clubs and institutions.
  3.  The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes the section “tax-privileged purposes” of the tax code. The club is selfless employed. It does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes. The association’s funds may only be used for statutory purposes. Members do not receive any Donations from the association’s funds. No person may spend any money on this are foreign to the purpose of the association or are favored by disproportionately high remuneration.


  • The individual  membership fee is currently 35 euros/year.
  • The family membership fee is currently 50 euros/year.
  1.  Any natural or legal person can become a member. Besides, can Join unincorporated associations provided they are eligible to become members.
  2. Membership is confirmed in writing or on record with the board Declaration of membership and acceptance acquired by the board.
  3. If the board rejects admission, an application for admission can be submitted to the general meeting. 
  4. Membership ends for natural persons upon their death and for legal entities Persons through their dissolution as well as through written resignation or exclusion.
  5.  The board decides on the exclusion of a member. The general meeting decides on the objection to the exclusion, which must be submitted within one month; Membership is suspended until this decision is made.
  6. The person leaving has no claim to the association’s assets or any part of that.

Membership Benefits:

  • Given its size and low population density, hardly any other area in Germany is as steeped in history as Dithmarschen. Not only have numerous “silent witnesses” of the past been preserved from the Stone Age to today in the form of barrows, buildings, etc., history is also always firmly anchored in the consciousness of the people of Dithmarschen. Below we give you some initial brief explanations:Early history
    From the Ice Age to the 12th century  » more


    Middle Ages and modern times
    From the 9th century to the present  » more

    Dithmarscher – nothing in the way of the nobility
    A quick “ride” through the history of Landscape on Schleswig-Holstein’s west coast  » more

    Dithmarschen under the Danebrog
    A brief outline of the historical development from 1559 to 1864  » more

    Dithmarschen and the Dithmarschen
    region, people and history  » more