GenealogiaRS – Pesquisas Teuto-Brasileiras Ltda. ME

Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e.V.


GenealogiaRS is an organization involved in research, services, production and sale of
books in the area of ​​genealogy and history of German Immigration. All of our work is the result of pleasurable and captivating research into our
ancestors who, for the most part, became victors in facing so many difficulties in an
unknown land. We do not work on obtaining German Citizenship.

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Protasio Alves,3388 – Petrópolis, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil

Contact language:  German, English


Genealogical and History Society


GenealogiaRS is an organization involved in research, services and sales in the area of ​​genealogy and history of German immigration. We seek to bring people together, maintain collections and foster partnerships, focusing on the study of  German-Brazilian families.

In our understanding, genealogy is intrinsically linked to the study of History. It is not restricted only to the cold numbers of the dates of occurrences, from the birth to the death of an individual. Our ancestors lived in a historical context and fought for ideals.

Within this concept and in pursuit of the established objectives, we promote periodic 
meetings of researchers, encourage family meetings, organize lectures and 
participate in events. We supp t all forms of research, with special encouragement 
for field research supported by photographic records for subsequent digitization, 
such as ecclesiastical books, tombstones from German Colony cemeteries and 
historical collections, with the aim of offering data to researchers and aiming to 
preserve important information for future generations. In this sense, we are also 
concerned  about the preservation of historical and cultural heritage, present in old
 buildings  and cemeteries, since these are true open-air museums.

Furthermore, we are open to forming partnerships with other organizations that
 have the same interests and affinities. Please feel invited to participate and 
contribute to this cause.


There are no fees to become a member.

Membership Benefits:

Book publishing, from feasibility study, editing, art, layout, review, legal and bibliographic records to printing, is the new front of activity that GenealogiaRS opens and offers to interested parties.In order to uncover and record the history and genealogy of families of German origin, GenealogiaRS is developing a challenging project to organize and publish the series “Families of German Origin”.

Each work brings together a set of 100 or 50 articles about immigrant families, written by a significant number of our researchers and collaborators, who come together in a cooperative system, taking as a reference the community and cooperative spirit of the German settlers.The result is excellent collective work, produced economically, with our own resources. The continuous publication of this series of books becomes something endless, both for the states of RS, SC and other states in Brazil, with several volumes and thousands of copies, it has proven to be a unique historical and genealogical work, of great demand and It has allowed, in several cases, the reestablishment of contact between current German-Brazilians with relatives in Germany. 

The entire collection of research, publications and information at GenealogiaRS is the result of pleasurable and captivating research work on our ancestors who, for the most part, became victors in facing so many difficulties in an unknown land. These materials and sources can be accessed and shared, in part, free of charge; partly by acquisition.

To meet the great needs of researchers, GenealogiaRS maintains an online store for sales and resale, whether in paper and/or searchable digital book formats, and media with recording of digitalized ecclesiastical books, in addition to genealogical research services for the 3rd.