Hamilton County Genealogical Society-German Interest Group

Oldenburgische Gesellschaft f√ľr Familienkunde e.V.


The Hamilton County Genealogical Society (HCGS) is a¬†non-profit organization¬†whose mission is to provide¬†educational programs¬†to family history researchers and to preserve Hamilton County records. HCGS is an all-volunteer organization and welcomes anyone interested in family history research or helping us achieve our mission. HCGS is a Chapter of the¬†Ohio Genealogical Society¬†and a member of the¬†National Genealogical Society,¬†the¬†German-American Citizens’ League, and the¬†International German Genealogy Partnership.

Contact Information:

Website: www.hcgsohio.org/cpage.php?pt=151
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HCGSOhio
Email: info@hcgsohio.org

Mailing Address:.

P.O. Box 15865, Cincinnati, OH 45215-0865

Contact language:  English.



Genealogical Society



To create and build interest in family history and in preserving and collecting genealogical and historical records in Hamilton County and related areas.


To take an active part in collecting records and making them available for use in genealogical research. Toward this purpose, the Chapter supports area libraries, archives, and public repositories in their work of collecting materials useful for the study of family and local history. The Chapter does this by gifts of materials, monies, and volunteer services when appropriate and feasible.


To publish, if advisable, genealogical materials compiled by Chapter members and to copyright this material if necessary.




    Membership Plans


    REGULAR Membership without the Printed and Mailed Tracer

    $20.00 per Calendar Year*

    REGULAR Membership with the Printed and Mailed Tracer

    $35.00 per Calendar Year*

    LIFE Membership includes Printed and Mailed Tracer***

    $400.00 Onetime Payment***

    *The membership year is the calendar year, January 1-December 31. Dues for the following calendar year are payable by January 1 and delinquent on February 1.

    ***Life Memberships (Tracer mailed to US address only, all Canadian and International Life Members, Tracer online only). Life Member can opt-out of the mailed Tracer as Tracer is available online.


    Membership Benefits:

    Benefits Exclusive to Membership
    • Receive or view¬†The Tracer,¬†the HCGS award-winning (2019 and 2021 National Genealogical Society Newsletter Competition) quarterly journal, with¬†information on Hamilton County records, repositories, and resources.¬†
    • Members-only email notifications of the publication of new¬†Tracer¬†and¬†Gazette¬†issues, new print publications, new research databases, special events and programs, such as webinars, and website and¬†membership changes.
    • Access indexes of Hamilton County¬†Wills, 1918-1973, and over 300,000 Hamilton County¬†Marriages¬†and¬†Death Notices.
    • Access images of 25,000¬†Weil Funeral Home records, 1913-2015.
    • Access index of over 26,000 death records reported in¬†Der¬†Christliche Apologete, 1839-1899.
    • Access index of over 25,000 Hamilton County¬†Church Deaths recorded in the 1890s.
    • Access¬†HCGS videos¬†not available to the general public. These include training and informational¬†sessions prepared and delivered by HCGS experts.¬†
    • Access 22 ‚ÄúResearch From Home‚ÄĚ articles on various local research and membership topics.
    • Qualify to apply to¬†HCGS Lineage Societies: First Families (before 1821), Settlers and Builders (1821-1860), Century Families (1861 to 100 years ago) and Civil War Soldiers. (Refer to the Lineage Society Pamphlet).¬† Separate application fee required.
    • Post¬†Hamilton County Surnames¬†in your membership profile and communicate with other members who share surname interests.
    • Receive a 50% discount on¬†HCGS research services.
    • Member Discount Program:¬†A 20 percent discount for members only on all Hamilton County Genealogical Society publications for sale here in our online store, including books, PDFs, and CD/DVDs. In order for the member discount to be applied to your purchase you must first log into the¬†Members Area, then go to the¬†Shop & Support¬†store. For more details see the¬†July 2022 Gazette¬†newsletter.