German-Australian Genealogy & History Alliance

Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e.V.


GAGHA is an informal alliance of German-Australian history and genealogy organisations.

The Alliance grew out of a conversation between Aileen Preiss, Ben Hollister and Dirk Weissleder after Dirk’s successful involvement in setting up the German American Genealogy Partnership (now the International German Genealogy Partnership of which GAGHA is a Partner member). An initial teleconference was held in August 2016, and the groups involved agreed to be form GAGHA.

Any organisation that has a focus or interest in German-Australian History and is able to meet the commitments of membership is welcome to join. There is no fee for membership.

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Contact language:  English


Genealogical Society / Special Interest Group / Resource Library


To ensure that research and knowledge about German Australian history is disseminated widely and, where possible, freely.



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