The first IGGP event outside the United States is being planned for November in Hannover, Germany.
The goal is to hold a weekend workshop for IGGP partner representatives. It is being planned by IGGP board members Barbara Schmidt and Timo Kracke. Participants will meet in the library of DAGV member Niedersächsischer Landesverein für Familienkunde e.V. (NLF), which is chaired by IGGP 2nd vice president Dirk Weissleder.

The workshop idea developed out of discussion at the 2023 Leadership Day, where participants urged more regular interaction among the partners throughout the year. The meeting in Hannover will take place Nov. 4-5 — a week after the annual Genealogentag (Genealogy Day) being held in Kleve, Germany. IGGP board president Ingeborg Carpenter will attend this first event.

The goal is to learn and potentially expand the concept of gatherings beyond the international conferences. At the least, the take-aways from the discussions will be shared to all partners.

Along with social activities, the plan is to hold three sessions on topics specific to IGGP and its mission to support partner societies in their work:

  • How to produce a partner video to submit to the IGGP YouTube channel. All partners are encouraged to introduce their societies, and this session will provide tips for creating a simple video.
  • Tips for using social media to expand a society’s presence. Social media is an ever-changing landscape, and this session will review various platforms and how to function on them.
  • From society member to society board member

Planning is ongoing, but partner representatives in Germany have been sent an invitation to the weekend workshop. Email Barbara ( or Timo ( for information. NonGerman partners will receive a report after the event.