IGGP bylaws vote will lead into election for new board

Partner representatives to the International German Genealogy Partnership have been emailed information about several proposed bylaws changes related to the
election later this year of new officers and directors.

The proposed changes relate to clarifying the role of the immediate past president on the board along with revisions to term limits for officers and directors.

Both changes were deemed necessary to establish continuity as the IGGP grows the network and leaderships changes. The board has been informed that several members first elected in 2019 will not be standing for election for the next board, which takes office in 2024.

Partner representatives were emailed details in late August, starting the 30-day clock before voting takes place in late September.

Suggestions for potential candidates for officer and director positions are being accepted; email info@iggp. All candidates must be a member of an IGGP partner society in good standing.

The officers and directors meet regularly to oversee the partnership’s operations, involve and grow its network of partner societies around the world, and develop projects to further its mission and goals.

Partner representatives have also been asked to reconfirm their society’s representation for 2024. This request is sent each year to ensure each society is represented as it wishes and that information intended for the partner societies and their members is being shared.