Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e.V.


At this point we have put together interesting facts for you about the club, but also about the district and the city from the past and present.

You can find out more about the purpose of the association in our statutes . A brief overview of the historical development of the Stolper Heimatkreise e. V. is also given as well as information about events and ongoing projects , sponsorships and our local parlors . The members of the board also briefly introduce themselves. They will be happy to answer any questions or comments you may have.

 In our association, commitment to our Stolper homeland is combined with personal interest in history and family history as well as the establishment and preservation of good and personal relationships with our Polish neighbors in today’s Stolper Land.

We would like to invite you to support our work by joining the association and/or making a donation and to get actively involved yourself.

Contact Information:

Mailing Address

Stolper Heimatkreise e. V. – Irmtraud Giesing –
Dettenheimer Weg 22
76646 Bruchsal

Contact language: German


Genealogical Society 


  • The association represents the cultural and social interests of the Pomeranians and their relatives who formerly resided in the former districts of “City of Stolp” and “County of Stolp”. It is non-partisan, non-denominational and politically neutral.
    The association promotes and supports all purposeful and goal-oriented projects, activities and facilities, in particular:
    • Preservation of Pomeranian cultural assets as well as the maintenance of regional ties and the cohesion of the group of people mentioned in this paragraph,
    • sponsorship relationship of the city Bonn with the residents and their relatives who formerly lived in the former districts of “City of Stolp” and “County of Stolp” and the city of Glückstadt with the residents who formerly lived in Stolpmünde and their relatives
    • stablishment and maintenance of a local history room, museum-related exhibitions and archives for presentation Pomeranian cultural assets
    • Events and research projects, especially in the context of Pomerania-related local and family researchMaintaining contact with Stolp/Słupsk, in particular to provide intellectual and material support to the German minority
    • Promoting German/Polish cooperation, especially with regard to Stolp/Słupsk, city and country.


Our membership dues are €20 per year.

Membership Benefits:

On this page we would like to offer you information about the purpose of the association, its goals, developments to date, its internal and bilateral German-Polish projects and events.

You can also find out everything you need to know about the Stolper Heimatstuben , which the association runs to collect and exhibit traditional costumes, uniforms, literature, works by well-known painters from the Stolper region, etc. The Heimatstube is also a main contact point for those who are looking for their ancestors in the former and current town and district of Stolp or Gmina and Słupsk County.

Another large part of the information offered is dedicated to the hometowns in the former Stolper districts. In our experience, this part is interesting not only for the residents who were expelled from their homeland in 1945 and their descendants, but also for the current residents who are becoming more and more interested in the history of the places to which they moved, often after their own expulsion regions further east were settled.

Since there is a lot of information available for family research through the work of the home district committees and the association in the area of ​​family reunification after the end of the war, the support of search operations, the acquisition of copies of existing church records and registry office documents, a separate area is also dedicated to this topic.