Historic Germanna

Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e.V.


Our organization’s history encompasses the lives of Indigenous peoples, English Colonists, descendants of early German immigrants, and African American communities. Through our varied programs, we serve multiple communities, including outdoor recreation and conservation, education, descendants and genealogy, archaeology, historic preservation, and tourism. Indeed, Historic Germanna provides many ways to experience little-known aspects of Virginia’s history. 

At Historic Germanna, we are about uncovering and deepening our understanding of the past through archaeological digs, nature trails, tours, programs, research, exhibits, and more.

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Email: info@germanna.org

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MISSION STATEMENT-The Germanna Foundation tells America’s story of liberty through the frontier experience of her settlers and descendants using archaeological, historical, and genealogical research and interpretation.

The People.

Germanna’s history encompasses the lives of Indigenous peoples, English colonists, German immigrants and their descendants, and African and African American communities.

The Places.

The Germanna region was a confluence of Indigenous, African, African American, English, and German cultures and later played a pivotal role in the American Civil War. Today, this region of Central Virginia lies between bustling cities and the Blue Ridge Mountain and is a crossroads of history and culture, offering opportunities to share a unique part of Virginia’s history that continues today.

Their Stories.

Germanna has many stories to tell, from Indigenous use of the land to the migration of German immigrants to the experiences of African and African Americans; our continued research and collaborations with scholars, community knowledge-keepers and cultural advisors are how we develop a deeper understanding of the past to share with visitors and stakeholders.

Our Historic Legacy

At Historic Germanna, we recognize the immeasurable value of our history and its power to unite communities.

Through our extensive Germanna Records publications, Visitor Center and Library, we continue to share the stories of the remarkable people and groups who found homes and built lives in the vibrant community we proudly call Germanna. Moreover, our dedication to preserving our properties remains unwavering. We understand the significance of these historical treasures and strive to safeguard them for you and the generations yet to come.


    All donations of $50 and above automatically provide membership benefits.

    At Historic Germanna, we believe in honoring and celebrating our valued supporters. As a member of our Sustainers Circle, you can connect and engage with Germanna’s rich history and help preserve our heritage while also being a part of it. Find the perfect level for your passion and commitment.

    • Trowel and Trail Society – $10,000 and Above

    • Fort Germanna Council – $5,000 to $9,999

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    • Historic Salubria Patron – $500 to $999

    • Siegen Forest Conservationist – $100 to $499

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      Membership Benefits:

      • Fort Germanna Council – $5,000 to $9,999 – Meeting and Q&A with Germanna‘s Genealogical Historian Prominent recognition on our donor list displayed at the Visitors Center and all our events Additionally, enjoy all benefits listed below.
      • Enchanted Castle Benefactor – $1,000 to $4,999 – VIP Archaeology Site Tour led by our Director of Archaeology Recognition on our donor list displayed at the Visitors Center and all our events Additionally, enjoy all benefits listed below
      • Historic Salubria Patron – $500 to $999 – Exclusive tour of Historic Salubria with up to four guests. Additionally, enjoy all benefits listed below
      • Siegen Forest Conservationist – $100 to $499 – Receive a Historic Germanna reusable tote bag. Additionally, enjoy all benefits listed below.
      • Germanna Friend – $50 to $99 – Stay connected with a newsletter subscription Enjoy discounts on events and merchandise Unlimited access to GermannaFamily.org, an extensive Germanna genealogical resource