Familia Austria, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Genealogie und Geschh3ichte

Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e.V.


The FAMILIA AUSTRIA founded in December 2008 is a voluntary workers association, which has set itself the goal of promoting the ancestors and family research in the area of the old Habsburg monarchy to link existing initiatives in this area and, more generally, historical – to elaborate genealogical knowledge and to publish.

We deal with the whole range of genealogy knowledge range from family research on the history, geography (geography), onomastics (name of customer), numismatics (numismatics) to specialized areas such as Heraldry (heraldry) and the sphragistics (Sigillography) etc.

Above all, we want to join forces to build up large files and make them available to users via the network. This should also genealogists who do not live in the area of the old Austria, have the chance to do research here.

Our association is voluntary and non-profit organization and not-for-profit.

FAMILIA AUSTRIA Austrian Society for Genealogy and History is in the prestigious 2010 member since August

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:

Gentzgasse 59/9, A-1180 Vienna, Austria

Contact language:  German, English


Genealogical Society and Family History


The association, whose activities are not aimed at making a profit, aims at collecting scientific principles and findings in the areas of

  • genealogy,
  • family research,
  • regional studies,
  • local history and history;
  • the development and preparation of scientific findings in the areas of genealogy, family research, regional studies, local history and Story;
    • The publication of these collections, developments and evaluations around them to be able to make it available to as broad a group of people as possible, as well as the general offer Assistance for those interested in the areas of genealogy, family research, regional studies, Local history and history. The association is focused on the scientific research of the above areas and is independent of political parties and religious institutions.


The membership fee for 2024:

  • 42 euros – normal membership for amateur researchers 
  • 15 euros – reduced membership for active employees
  • 21 euros – membership if a family member in the same household is already a member

The membership fee can also be reduced for social reasons (pupils, students, minimum pensioners, compensatory allowance recipients, etc.). The decision is made by our member representative, Ms. Elisabeth Brunner member@familia-austria.at –

If you would like to use the databases professionally (professional genealogists, etc.), please contact our member representative, Ms. Elisabeth Brunner. – Due to the difficult transfer situation, we ask membership applicants from overseas to pay at least 3 annual contributions at once Please do not send us checks in dollars, they cannot be cashed in Vienna. 

Membership Benefits:

  • In the menu Research & Service you find all kinds of useful, historical contributions of relevant publications, addresses and maps to aid in finding the net. So help to facilitate their own research.

    Manibus Unitis presents you with all the ongoing projects of Familia Austria, contact and inform you about the possibilities of cooperation.

    Under Data Collections you can find personal information and databases of completed and ongoing projects. You can search here right after your name or places.

    Our range is constantly growing in all areas, the databases of ongoing projects will be expanded and updated regularly.