International German Genealogy Partnership

Become a Partner

Thank you for your interest in the IGGP. The IGGP is an international partnership of groups (and their members) researching the genealogy of German-speaking or German heritage communities. We do this by:
  • Building synergy among worldwide genealogy groups 
  • Encouraging networking among partners and individuals
  • Providing information and research assistance to partner groups and their members
  • Promoting and helping each partner group to be more successful
  • Connecting unaffiliated individuals with partners who can be of assistance
Partnership is available to organizations and groups focused on the genealogy of German-speaking or German heritage communities around the world that support the mission and goals of the IGGP as outlined below. Individuals and commercial entities are not eligible as voting Partners, but may become affiliated as Friends and Donors.
  • Friends are institutions, organizations or individuals that support the IGGP’s mission and goals by sharing resources, expertise, or by helping members of partners.
  • Donors are those who wish to financially support the IGGP’s mission and goals.
The specific purposes of IGGP are:
a) to create an international Partnership of organizations and groups interested in genealogy and family history as it relates to German-speaking ancestors;
b) to support each Partner in its efforts to fulfill its purpose and to reach its goals;
c) to promote each Partner’s events and organization within the Partnership and to others;
d) to encourage reciprocal networking among Partners and their members;
e) to facilitate research assistance between Partners and their members;
f) to collect and share German genealogical knowledge, references, resources, and information;
g) to encourage public access to and preservation of records of German genealogical value;
h) to promote ethical standards in German genealogical research and practices; and
i) to marshal the resources of IGGP and its Partners to accomplish goals and objectives deemed to be in the best interest of the international German genealogical community.

Partner expectations also include:
  • Naming of at least one representative from the society to the IGGP
  • Participating actively to build and support the partnership
  • Encouraging volunteer assistance from within your organization for projects and other activities
  • Maintaining the privacy of information provided in the Partners Only area of the IGGP website and limiting access to partner leaders and representatives only
To apply for partnership, click to open the form, complete it and submit. You will be contacted when your application is received.

Your application to join the partnership must be approved by the IGGP Board and will include an online interview with your organization’s representative(s) about your mission and activities, and how they relate to German genealogy. For further information about the partnership and how it operates, please refer to our bylaws. Questions about joining the partnership may be sent to