International German Genealogy Partnership

Benefits of Partnership

International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP)
(Internationale Partnerschaft für deutsche Genealogie)
Benefits - 2017
The purpose of the partnership is for organizations in the United States, Germany and around the world to share knowledge and research strategies and to work together to help each other grow.
This partnership forms an organizational structure between countries and societies for sharing contacts and genealogical research. This partnership is open to all organizations interested in German genealogical research.
Benefits to Partners (in progress):
  1. Sharing of knowledge and resources
    1. speaker and topics list
    2. create a list of most valuable references, resources and websites
    3. exchange periodicals
    4. hold national conference every other year (odd years)
    5. researcher list
    6. share research data
    7. identify references about ancestral and descendant research of immigrants
    8. ongoing partnership projects
    9. encourage family reunions (also across the ocean)
    10. regional reference pages
    11. translator list
  2. Publicity
    1. calendar of events for publicity of partner meetings (only partners can post events)
    2. list partners with links to their websites
  3. Connection and Communication within organizations
    1. information pages about each partner organization
    2. how to best interact with other partner societies/organizations
    3. facilitate improved and easier contacts and exchanges between Germany and North America
    4. maintain partner contact list
  4. Methods for sharing
    1. Partnership website
    2. Selected web pages would describe German and American genealogy written in German and English. They would be written from both the American and German perspective.
    3. Partner webpages
    4. Forums and blogs
    5. Facebook
    6. Wiki Pages on FamilySearch or Rootsweb (or?)
    7. Webinars
The partner organizations are currently working on the following projects.
Primary projects include:
Make a list of speakers and topics, create a master list of German genealogical resources that exist, exchange periodicals, and hold a national conference every other year beginning in 2017 (first one was held in Minnesota).
Secondary projects include:
Maintain a list of professional German genealogy researchers with their specialties, have a unified meeting calendar, create finding aids for each region in Germany, identify how local societies can help visitors from partner societies.
Additional projects include:
Create and share a list of German-American genealogical organizations,
make a list of Germanic genealogy forums, create a checklist of how to best ask for help from Germany, document known immigrant databases
As these projects are completed new projects will be undertaken. Some of the projects will be on going.