International German Genealogy Partnership

IGGP Awards

The IGGP recognizes individuals whose contributions to the field of German genealogy research have been of lasting assistance. These awards are given during the international conference, starting with the first in 2017. 
2023 Awards (news release)
  • Shirley Riemer Lifetime Achievement Award: Larry O. Jensen
  • Ambassador Award: Amy Chidester
  • Conference Most Valuable Person award: Edie Adam
2021 Awards
  • Ambassador Award: Nancy Myers and Georg Palmüller for their dedication and commitment to helping IGGP grow and connecting researchers.
  • Shirley Riemer Lifetime Achievement award(s): Ernest Thode for helping German genealogy researchers through his books, including the the German-English Genealogical Dictionary; and Henry Z. (Hank) Jones for his decades of research and publishing about the “Palatines” who left the Rhineland in the 18th century.
  • Most Valuable Person to IGGP: Edie Adam for her contributions as secretary and newsletter editor, among others.
  • Excellent Service Award(s): Jeff Herbert for his indexing and publishing efforts in original records related to German emigrants to Hamilton County (Ohio); Rosemarie Ingram for her years of helping researchers, in particular with her expertise in the records of German-speakers kept in the archives of Poland; and Hans-Joachim Lünenschloß for his contributions to the DAGV, in particular, the DAGV Inquiry Center, which helps researchers around the world.
  • Conference Most Valuable Person: James Beidler, who absolutely refused to let the conference fade away despite the Covid pandemic and put together a hard-working team that produced an excellent virtual event.
2019 Awards
  • IGGP Ambassador to Kim Ashford for co-founding, promoting and representing the International German Genealogy Partnership on an international level.
  • Shirley Riemer Lifetime Achievement award to Roger Minert for his significant contributions over his lifetime to the German Genealogy Community.
2019 Conference Volunteer Awards
  • MVP for "Action-Oriented Leadership" to Rick Hanson.
  • Outstanding Volunteer Leadership to Bonnie Cosgrove.
  • Outstanding Publicity Efforts to Edie Adam.
  • Presenter Team Leader with Boundless Energy to Amy Chidester.
  • Admiral Who Steered the SVEA (Sponsor, Vendor, Exhibitor, Advertiser) Ship to Del Ritchhart.
2017 Awards
  • IGGP Ambassador to Dirk Weissleder for co-founding, promoting and representing the International German Genealogy Partnership on an international level.
  • Lifetime Achievement award (Now the Shirley Riemer Award) to Shirley Riemer for her significant contributions over her lifetime to the German Genealogy Community.
  • Most Valuable Person award to Kent Cutkomp for his service as one of the co-founders of the International German Genealogy Partnership and as co-chair of the first IGGP Conference.
  • Excellence in Service award to Marion Rainey and Brad Colman In recognition for creating the extremely valuable website for the German genealogy community.

Award Descriptions
  • Ambassador Award recognizes the efforts of an individual or individuals on behalf of our organization, individuals who promote and represent the IGGP on a national and/or international level. 
  • Shirley Riemer Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions over a whole lifetime to German genealogy.
  • Most Valuable Person to IGGP is the Individual who makes the partnership strong and successful over an extended period of time.
  • Excellent Service Award (formerly Excellence in Service award) recognizes a special act or accomplishment the person has done for the German genealogy community.
  • Partnership Award (future award) will recognize an outstanding volunteer of a partner organization. Nominated by partner organization or IGGP Board.
  • Conference Most Valuable Person is someone who ensured that the conference occurred and succeeded. Nominated by IGGP Board.