Roland zu Dortmund e.V.

Type: Non-profit
The Roland zu Dortmund was founded in 1961 to promote genealogical und heraldic research in Germany and internationally.  Our purpose is to provide information and training that supports our members in conducting their research family history research.
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Contact Information:
Genealogisch-heraldische Arbeitsgemeinschaft
Roland zu Dortmund e. V.
Postfach 10 33 41
44033 Dortmund
  • Phone Number: +49 17643821683
  • Fax Number: (none)
  • Auf Deutsche or English Contacts? We are bilingual – you can contact us in either German or English.
Annual membership dues are currently 30€ for single persons, 35€ for couples.
Membership Benefits:
  • Help with their genealogical research
  • Support with genealogical projects and publications
  • Information exchange via the society mailing list
  • Lectures, workshops, and excursions
  • Annual society magazine and periodic newsletter
  • Opportunities to publish research results
  • Use of the society library
We host a speaker every second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m at the Hotel Drees in Dortmund, Germany.  In addition, we meet for research/socializing every fourth Friday of the month at 5 p.m. in the Family History Center in Dortmund, Germany.
Research (or Focus) Areas:
Our members’ research focus is very diversified regionally.  Many of our members also focus on research in Westfalen and the Ruhr Valley.
Research Services:
We do not provide research services, but are glad to provide tips and suggestions for conducting research in and near Dortmund.
Library (or other resources):
We maintain our own society library.  Our catalog can be accessed online:
A list of available publications and their prices is available online: