Jefferson Genealogical Society, Inc.
Type: Non-profit
Unite individuals who are interested in the study of genealogy, guide members in tracing and preserving their records, develop and promote public interest and appreciation of genealogy and the cultural heritage of Louisiana, ascertain the locations of records, combine the efforts and resources of its members, provide educational programs, and occasionally publish genealogical material.
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Contact Information:
  • Individual $25/year, all benefits of membership
  • Family $30/year all benefits of individual for family in the same household
Membership Benefits:
  • Participation in special interest groups (German, Irish, St. Domingue)
  • Field trips
  • Christmas Social
  • Quarterly JGS newsletter
Events:  Upcoming Events
  • 11 monthly meetings (including annual business meeting and social, and founders’ day meeting)
  • Christmas Social in December
  • Special Interest Groups, presently German, Irish and St. Domingue
Research (or Focus) Areas:
  • Worldwide genealogical research
  • The German Special Interest Group focuses on historical German-speaking areas
Research Services:
None at this time. But we occasionally will do small requests, such as an obit request.
Library (or other resources):
None for sale at this time. On occasion, we will publish genealogical material.