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Purpose: The IGS was founded in North Hollywood, CA in 1982 to help Americans trace their ancestors’ origins, particularly in the German-speaking areas of Europe.
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Membership Benefits: newsletter, monthly “Second Sunday” Zoom meetings, library assistance, Surname File database & vertical file searches
Events: occasional special meetings and workshops, currently held by Zoom
Research (or Focus) Areas:  Germany. For guides to the specific regions, see
Research Services:  Mail requests can be made for specific searches as described:
Library (or other resources):  The “Immigrant Library” is open to the public and staffed by trained volunteers of the Society. General hours are 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 10am to 5 pm, or by appointment. Closed holidays. About one-third of the collection relates to American genealogy & American immigration. We also have well over 200 Ortssippenbücher for German towns on our shelves, and an index of those persons named within as having “went to America.”
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IGS Family History Index:
Catalog # Title Author/s Pub Date Publisher Main Surname Time Frame Location Description
6040 The Adams Family James Truslow Adams 1930 The Literary Guild - New York Adams 1750's-1920's MA President's family
6042 Four Generations of the John Adams Family - Descent from Glory Paul C. Nagel 1983 Oxford University Press Adams 1766-1924 MA President's family
6650 Medieval English Ancestors of Robert Abell
Who Died in Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, 20 June 1663, with English Ancestral Lines of other Colonial Americans
compiled by Carl Boyer, 3rd 2001 self-published Abell 11C-17C England Nobility in the Abell Pedigree
2640 The History of the Alison or Allison Family In Europe and America, A. D. 1135 to 1893;
Giving an Account of the Family in Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the United States
Leonard Allison Morrison, A. M. 1893 Damrell & Upham Elmer, Holmes, Moore, Morrison, Stinson,  1310-1893 British Isles, Scotch-Irish, and NH, PA, NY Standard 19C Genealogy
6020 John Alexander
A Northern Neck Proprietor His Family, Friends and Kin
Wesley E. Pippenger 1990 Gateway Press, Inc. Alexander, Stirling, Custis, Howson, Rush, Hooe, Mercer, Hayward, Foote, Chapman, Pearson, Chapman 1665-1989 No. VA A Prominent Family associated with Northen Neck tracts of land
2639 The Adams Family of Great Egg Harbor, Atlantic County Arthur Adams, Ph.D. 1950-1952 Atlantic County Historical Society Adams 1632-C.1900 NJ 3-Part Article from The Atlantic County Historical Society relating to the Adams Family of Egg Harbor, New Jersey
195 Descendants of John Adsit of Lyme, Connecticut Newman Ward Adsit 1930's not published Adsit 1700's-1930's England, Canada, US, esp. CT Collection of Family Bible records, Church records, cemetery records, census reports, wills, deeds,and personal genealogies
6474 Aisenbrey Family Charts Josephine Ellen Aisenbrey Myers 1995 not published Aisenbrey, Kost, Kreis, Edelman, Oschsher, Schenler, Neu, Jula, Stierleleucht, Bentz, Englehardt, Muhreier 1790's  South Russia, SD Notebook of Pedigree Charts and Family Group Records of Josephine Aisenbrey
5898 Adams Families of Southeast Kentucky Dorothy A. Griffith, Robert E. Parkin 1986 self-published Adams, Craft, Webb 1724-1920 KY collection of records and family group records
5867 William Adams (1594-1661) of Ipswich, Massachusetts
and some of his Descendants
Kenneth L. Bosworth 1992 Heritage Books, Inc. Adams, Whitehead, Dickinson, Knowlton, Leach, Locke, Burnap, Wilson, Mapes, Cochran, Eaton 1628-1940's KS, MA, MO, NH Descendants of John Quincy Adams of Mound City, KS
  Adams of Massachusetts; Herbert Freeman Adams Collection (Index) ed. Adams Addenda unk Genealogical R.& P. Research & Productions Adams var. US Index of Herbert Freeman Adams Collection
  Index of Vols 1-12 of the Adams Addenda ed. Adams Addenda unk Genealogical R.& P. Research & Productions Adams var. US Descriptive Index of Fist Names of Adams surname
  Adams Addenda; Vols 1-17 Dorothy A. Griffith, Ruth R. Seibel 1971-1987 Genealogical R.& P. Research & Productions Adams var. US One-Name Study of Adams 
2641 Alverson Genealogy unknown C.1902 hand-written Alverson 1720's-1890's RI Hand-written notebook, collection of research on Alverson
2654 Families of the Pilgrims: Isaac Allerton compiled by Hubert Kinney Shaw 1955 Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants Allerton 1620's-1750's MA First generation of Allertons who settled in the Massachusetts Colony
2655 The Fred and Eva Aman Family
An American Pioneer Family of German-Russian Heritage
compiled by Margaret Ann (Zimmerman) Freeman 1984 not published Aman, Lehr, Hoffmann, Heck 1810's-20C Bergdorf and Kassel Colonies north and west of Odessa, Russia; of the Glückstal group; ND, SD Three-ringed binder
2656 The Amey Brothers of Ernesttown compiled by H. C. Burleigh   not published Amey 1710-1834 Duchess Co, Ulster Co, NY small notebook of the 1710 Palatine Immigrant Family of Duchess and Ulster Counties, NY
6876 The Ammann Family of Schaffhausen, Switzerland (1450-1950) Ernst Rüedi; trans. From German by Margot Ammann Durrer 2005 Picton Press Ammann 1450's-1960's  Schaffhausen, Switzerland  Specific to Ammanns of Schaffhausen, Switzerland 
2879 Lineage Chart - Ancestors-Descendants A.C. & Ilene Prouty Andrew A.C. & Ilene Prouty Andrew 1960's not published Prouty; Andrew, Camper, Sanford, Johnson, James, Kallmeyer, Sappington, Thurman, Quick 1566-1960's England, MA, NH, NY, KY, MO, PA, OH, etc... spiral-bound notebook, descendents of Richard Prout (Prouty); research done during 1958-1965, Laurence Andrew purchased 10 ac. From Lucky Baldwin estate (See Ann Unruh)
4981 The Road to Salem Adelaide L. Fries 1944 The University of North Carolina Press Antes, DeWees 1750's-1803 GA, PA, NC Story of Anna Catharina Antes, taken from her autobiography from a manuscript filed in the Moravian Archives
27 This Was a Man;
About the Life and Times of Jesse Applegate
ed. Wilfred H. Brown 1971 The Camas Press Applegate 1640's-1 NJ, KY, MO, WA, OR Biography of Jesse Applegate
none The Apprill Family Newsletter;
Descendents of Caspar and Christina Ziegler Abrill of Lampertsloch, Alsace
Doris Ann von Dammerau Groman Vol. 2 - 1998;
Vol. 3 - 1999
self-published Aprill; Abrill, Apprille, April, Aprile, Aprill, Avril var. Alsace; MO Newsletter
2581 Genealogie der Familie Arbenz ed. J. P. Zwicky von Gauen 1977 self-published Arbenz; Arbenson, Rueger 1400's-1970's Switzerland; NY, VA, WV descendency chart from Jules d'Albenson (1496); some text in French and German
4669 Die Familie Arnold aus Bonlanden auf den Fildern Jürg Arnold 1975   Arnold, Kurtz, Gminder, Haußmann, König 1490's-1950's Germany German-language book
3726 The Arrol Arroll and Arrell Families John Arrol 1994 self-published Arrol, Arroll, Arrell 1300's-1990's England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada,  Arrol surname study
2580 Familienverband Avenarius (Familienzeitung) n/a incomplete 1961-1977 self-published Avenarius var. Germany Avenarius Family Association Newsletters; German-language newsletter; Vol. Dec. 1961, Dec. 1962, Dec. 1963, Dec. 1966, Dec. 1969, Dec. 1972, Dec 1977
4983 Jacob Backens ed. Hors Bruns 1990 not published Backens; Bakkenß, Back, Muhl, Lorenzen, Meyer, v. Henning 1660's  Germany German-language notebook
5280 The Baileys of Eastern Kentucky; Index to Vols I, II, and III   Mar 1988 Magoffin County Historical Society Bailey, Adams, Allen, Arnett, Burton, Conley/Connely/Conly, Hale, Howard, Miller, Patrick, Prater, Pugh, Puckett, Risner, Rowe, Rudd, Salyer, Whitaker, Wireman 1770-1986 Salyersville, Kentucky Index, updates, and errata to 3-Volume Set
5280 The Baileys of Eastern Kentucky Vol I   Aug 1986 Magoffin County Historical Society        
5280 The Baileys of Eastern Kentucky Vol II   Aug 1986 Magoffin County Historical Society        
5280 The Baileys of Eastern Kentucky Vol III   Aug 1986 Magoffin County Historical Society        
7027 Baker's Dozen Vols 1,1-4, Vol. 2, 1-4 var. Nov. '67-Aug. '69 self-published; Mr. & Mrs. Neil Baker 17C-19C Germany, Russia, Scotland; MD, KY, KS, IN, TX, MO,  Baker Family Quarterly
2657 Balch Genealogica Thomas Willing Balch 1907 Allen, Lane and Scott Balch 1400's-1900's England, MD, DC, CT Hard-cover book of the Balch surname
2658 Baldwin By-Lines; Vols 1, 3, 4, 5 Bette Butcher Topp 1985-1987 not published Baldwin var. US Spiral-bound noteboos, research booklets
2659 Barraud - the story of a family E. M. Barraud 1967 The Research Publishing Co, Great Britain Barraud, Crespin, Cottom,  Prevost 1700's-1900's France, Britain, New Zealand, VA Hard-cover book of the Barraud surname
4024 A Few Barrett Kin Emma Barrett Reeves 1971 self-published Barrett, Bates, Ballenger, Matthews, Smith, Richardson, Gill, Christian 1633-1971 OK, KY, TN, MA Hard-cover book of the Barrett family
3330 A Brief Biography of Henry Barrier; with sketches of the lives of his ancestors and descendents Thomas Franklin Barrier, D. D. 1941 not published Barrier / Burger and vars., Davidson, Clodfelter, Delap, 1628, 1727 SE France, Geneva area of Switzerland, PA, NC, KS spiral-bound notebook of Barriers in Rowans Co, NC to Greenwood Co, KS; biography of Henry Barrier Jr. born 1825 in NC
4025 Some Descendents of Adam Barringer Emma Barrett Reeves unk not published Beringer / Behringer / Barringer, Alderman, Covery, Harris, Helms, Hylton, Keith, Knowles, Maberry,, Melugin, Reeves,  Routh, Slusher, Walker 1763- PA, MD, VA,  spiral-bound notebook of the Ada Barringer family
6379 Barshingers in America; A Genealogical History of Barshinger Families in America since 1735 Stephen Harold Smith 2001 Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore Md Anstine, Bertschinger / Barshinger, Bechtel, Bechtler, Doner, Fackler, Feisser, Glattfelder, Grove, Harbaugh, Heindel, Hengst, Hershey, Holtzapple, Kaufmann, Krout, Landis, Marks, Mehl, Myers, Rauscher, Raver, Saddler, Schneider, Schultz, Sechrist, Sheely, Simon, Stein, Weigel, Weinmiller, Young 1735-2001 Switzerland; York Co, PA Award-wining (NGS) Hard-cover book of the Barshinger Family in America; 678 pp.
2660 Our Bateman Ancestry Compiled for Robert Edwin Bateman by Enid Eleanor Adams 1971 not published Bateman, Edmunson, Linthicum 1752-1921 MD spiral-bound notebook; six generations of Batemans, beginning with Capt. Henry Bateman, earliest proven ancestor
4292 Chronik der Familie (von) Battenberg Richard Battenberg 1986 Verlag Degener & Co, Neustadt an der Aisch Battenberg, Seelheim, Schöffe, 1200's-1982 Amöneburg, Frankenberg soft-bound booklet; Supplement to Vol. 90 of the Deutsches Familienarchiv
2661 A History of the Battiscombe and Bascom Families of England and America Geoffrey Battiscombe Barrow 1976 The Research Publishing Co, Great Britain Battiscombe, Bascom 1180-1950's County Dorset, Fordington, Vere's Wotten, England; CT, MA hard-cover book with descendency charts beginning with the birth of William de Batecumbe in 1180 
5564 Bauer Immigration and Ancestors Robert Nulk 2002 not published Bauer, Willer, Kukuck, Kaussow, Thielk, Nulck, Sweet, Pierce 1799-1980's Mecklenberg, Germany; NE, IL Primary immigrants John Albrecht Bauer and Marie Dorothea Willer; also descendants John Albrecht Baurer, Henrica Sophia Dorothea Bauer, Joachim Heinrich Bauer, Maria Christinana Dorothea Bauer, Maria Elisabeth Beata Bauer, Elisabeth Sophia Anna Bauer
-1 The Baylor Family in America Patricia Riley Latford 1993 not published Baylor / Balor / Beilor / Behler / Bailler / Bailleur / Ballore / Bayler / Bayleur / Beelor; Courtenay, Nickolson, Armistead, Burwell, Johnson,  Wright, Metcalfe, Washington, Clayton, Upshaw 1600-1990's England, France, poss. Hungary; PA, NJ and more 3" 3-Ring Binder,  collection of material relating to descendants of John & Frances (Gay) Baylor
7025 My Somerset County Heritage Clyde Irvin Coughenour, Jr. June 2016 Closson Press, Apollo, PA Coughenour, Shaffer, Moyer, Sheets, Hunsaker, Beery, Hoover, Welty 1828-1894 Somerset Co, PA, et al. Family History for Levi Coughenour and Eliza Shaffer;  John Coughenour and Catherine Moyer; Joseph (Gochnauer) Coughenour and Anna Barbara; John Jacob (Gochnauer) Coughenour and Mary Sheets; 
7026 Wilderness Beginnings Rose Hertel Falkenhagen 1995, 1997 Caitlin Press, Inc; Prince George, B.C. Hertel 1900's Rehau, Germany; British Colombia Story of Paul Hertel's migration from Rehau, Germany (near the Czech border) to British Colombia, written by his daughter Rose
171 Canadian Ancestral Roots of Arthur Thomas Kloepfer and Philomena Agnes Gilker C. Victor Kloepfer 1991 self-published; Alberta, Canada Kloepfer,  Gilker, Winter,  Fleury, Fleuries, Kelly 1600's-1900's Moos um Buhl, Baden, Germany; France, Ireland, Canada, PA, NY, CA standard bound family history
194 Cole, Van Auken, Moulton, Woodruff, Grovesteen , + Related Families; AND Klöpfer, Wilhelm, Paulus, + Related Families W. Wesley Kloepfer 1966, 1978, 1987, 1989   Kloepfer, Cole / Kool, Van Auken, Woodruff, Grovesteen, Moulton, Grovesteen; others include Cooper, Ives, Thomas, Sanford, Mix, Yale, Tuttle, Parker   Moos um Buhl, Baden, Germany; Wilmette, IL 3-Ring Binder of Family Pedigree Charts and Group Sheets; non-Kloepfer ancestry of Wesley Kloepfer
176   W. Wesley Kloepfer, William W. Kloepfer 1966, 1978, 1987, 1989   Klöpfer, Kloepfer, Wilhelm, Paulus, Burkhardt, Fessler, Winter, Nöltner, Friedmann, Harrer, Giebel, Haupenthal, Zöhler, Rech 1600's-1900's Netherlands, IL, WI, CT, NY, NJ Pedigree records of W. Wesley Kloepfer's maternal line, namely for his mother Atta Virginia Cole Kloepfer
7029 Eastern Ties W. Wesley Kloepfer 1960's not published Kloepfer, Cole, Moulton, Van Auken, Woodruff, Burnton, Grovesteen, Tuttle, Cooper, Yale, Thomas, Jans, Roosa 1600's-1900's Netherlands, IL, WI, CT, NY, NJ Pedigree records of W. Wesley Kloepfer's maternal line, namely for his mother Atta Virginia Cole Kloepfer
6052 The Descendants of Thomas Bays 1798-1886, son of John Franklin Bays compiled by Randall C. Steele & Beverly Bays Steele 2001 Closson Press, Apollo, PA Bays, Knight, Linigar, Abbott, Tarr 1798-1990's MD, VA,WV, KS, CA Hard-cover book in 3 parts: Part I (232 pp) The Descendants of Thomas Bays (1798-1886);  Part II (138 pp) The Descendants of Isaac Runols Bays (1822-1888); Part III (140 pp) The Descendants of Richard Madison Bays (1851-1924)
2662 Family Record of John Bear, Born January 9, 1750 compiled by John Bear and Emanuel Hershey unk not published Bear, Brubaker, Burkholder, Huber, Stauffer, Hershey, Weaver, Rudy, Lane, Nissley, White, Barthold, Mackley, Klefeker, Craig, Stoltz 1750-1910's PA, York County thin notebook containing mimeographed copies of a printed book; 
4982 Ein Register der Namen Bechstedt-Bechstädt, Bachstadt, Bechstett ... Dr. Joseph R. Beckstead unk not published Bechstedt, etc. 1500's-1900's Saxony, Thuringia, Hannover, Stuttgart, Canada, US thin notebook containing a collection of random vital data on indiduals with surname Bechstedt, etc.
4736 The Frederick Back Family emigrated 1828 Brenna (Hobson) Budd unk not published Beck, Bachelder, Davis, Hetrick, Jackson, James, Killen, Lemon, Logan, McClelland, Phillippi / Phillips, Pretzer, Ruhl / Rule, Snavely,Snyder, Wilauer, Williams 1779-1990's Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany; OH, PA,  3-ring Binder of seven generations of descendents of Frederick Beck (1800-1853)
2635 Genealogy of Park Benjamin Merle M. Hoover 1948 Columbia University Press, New York Benjamin 1580-1864 England; MA, CT hard-cover book about the genealogy of poet and editor, Park Benjamin
1338 Bennett Family History unk unk not published Bennett 1745-1900 VA, IN, VT, MO, CA, TN spiral-bound notebook; collection of family group and data sheets beginning with Abraham Bennett (1745-1824)
6063 The Bennet Family Mintie Allen Royse 1958 Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis Bennet 1800-1877 England; New England, OH Soft-cover book relating the immigration story of Joseph and Bethania Crocker Bishop Bennett from England to America in 1837
2663 Descendents of Martin Benz-Dorothea Schmeller John D. Bentz 1983 Self-published  Benz, Schmeller, Frank, Loerke, Wiegand, Eberly, Murray, Kempf, Wagner, Miller, Schwanke, Negley, Eilts 1790's-1960's Prussia, Holstein; NE soft-cover book (300 pp) 
6318 Genealogical Classification by Family Group Coding for Descent from Common Ancestors: Stewart, John; McAlester-McMaster, Flora; Sarles, William; Sharrard, William; Bentley, William; Shippee, David; Badgerow, Martinas; Gjer(d)e-Trodo(-Traa), Gunvor; Miltzow, Henrik; Osmundatter-Knutson, Margit Cameron Ralph Stewart 1986 Self-published Stewart, McAlester, McMaster, Cook, Sarles, Sharrard, Bentley, Scranton, Shippee, Lichfield, Badgerow, Gjerde, Trodo, Afdal, Miltzow, Osmundsdatter, Knutson, Kvale 1434-1980's Scotland, Norway, England, Ontario, Dakotas, NY, RI, MA Two volume hard cover of lineages from the named family lines, using a non-standard encoding system of alphabetical letters
no number Johann Bentz II and Descendants 1834 to 1988 Alma Wiederrick Washburn 1988 not published Bentz (Benz), Henne, Wiederrich, Stroh 1787 - 1988 Neudorf, Odessa, Russia; Ludwigsburg, Wurttenberg, Germany; Alsace-Lorraine, France; Canada; ND, SD Soft-cover bound notebook; 51 pp with photos; some descendents of Johann Bentz and Christine Wetzler
5337 The Berberet Story Lee and Lela McLeod 2001 not published Berberet, Berberich, Barbareth, Halli, Fuchs, Gangloff, Kennedy 1774-1990's Miltenberg, Germany;  Berndiel, Heppdiel, Bavaria, Germany; PA, VA, WV, MI, MO Soft-cover bound booklet, 81 pp with photos and descendency charts;  Several lines descended from Berberich family from Bavaria
2664 The Berg Familyin America 1833-1970 Thomas Berg Dec 1971 not published Berg, Schnoor, Beimdict, Meyer 1770s-1970's Lauterbach, near Frankfurt, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany; MO, NE,  A history of Heinrich Berg of Hesse-Darmstadt: his family and a partial compilation of his many descendents in the United States
3579 Bergold and Brodhun Family History and Some of their Descendants Lewis Richards unk not published Bergold, Brodhun, Byrne, Blase, Daniels, Eberhardt, Farrell, Hall, Hoffmeier, Keiper, Lier, Logenberger, McComb, Overpeck, Richards, Snyder, Stevenson, Stone, Thomas, Vetter, Wideman, Wiemuth, Wojtaseski, Zuber 1605(?)-1990's Schonbronn, Bavaria; Faulenberg, Germany; Neudorf, Bavaria; PA, NV,  Soft-cover bound collection of documents pertaining to the surnames mentioned
3109 Der Name B E R G S T R Ä S S E R in Rheinhessen - Pfalz (Hauptort Bolanden); (Familienwappen von Henrich Wilhelm von Bergsträßer 1765-1814) Erwin Bergsträsser unk not published Nordpfalz 1400's-1950's Kriegsfeld, Nordpfalz;  Spiral-bound notebook; in German; traces 20 generations from the author's children (b. 1950's) back to Henneln Bergsträßer (b. 1400)
3331 Biography of Harry H. Berrier David J. Berrier Feb 1976 not published Berrier 1600-1920's Normandy, France; Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Carlolinas, NJ,  Spiral-bound notebook of mostly copies of some early history of Berriers in Europe; some hand-written notes regarding Berrier descendency; 
84 The Berkheimer Family in Pa., Va., W. Va., and other states plus other lines Mary Belle Lontz 1970 not published Berkheimer, Bergheimer, Birckheimer, Perkheimer, Hallman, Houser, Bowser 1730s-1960s PA, MD, VA, WV Soft-cover notebook; about 43 pages containing short bios of the descendents of Johann Casper Bergheimer  and Elizabeth Catarina Houser
1052 The Berrys of Maryland; An Old Prince George's County Family compiled by George R. Griffiths, Certified Genealogist 1977 Adams Press, Chicago IL Berry / Bery 1632-1970s Devonshire, England; VA, MD Soft-cover notebook containing copies of published book;  nine generations of Berrys, from their arrival in Virginia in 1632
no number Beyerle Beginnings Mrs. Deborah Hartz, ed. 1991-1993 not published Beyerle / Birely / Baerle var PA Newsletters from Feb, 1991 to Mar 1993 (quarterly); contains reproductions of early immigration documents, wills, church records, and misc.
2666 Francis Blanchard of New York City and some of his Descendants J. Crawford Hartman unk unk Blanchard 1700s-1930s France; NY, NJ,  reproduction of select pages (pp. 11-17, pp. 80-82) from a book with the named title
4323 Nachfahrenliste für BLÜMLEIN Heinz Blümlein 1986   Blümlein 1585-1960s Germany Spiral-bound notebook in German beginning with Balthasar Blümlein of Würzburg, b. 1585 and tracing descendency through about 12 generations
4938 Johann Adrian Bolten; Der Lebensweg eines Schleswig-Holsteinischen Theologen und Historikers Reimer Witt 1979 Verlag Schuster Leer Bolten 1678-1827 Germany Small pamphlet in German; biographyof Johann Adrian Bolten
2669 Some Bonitz Families, A Genealogical Survey John H. Bonitz, Jr. 1973 not published Bonitz 1543- Chemintz, Saxony; Bern, Switzerland Spiral-bound notebook; 
2653 The Boom History Anna Marie Boom McCown 1973 not published Boom, Schroeder, Siebolt 1864-1973 with hand-written notes through 1980 Ostfriesland, Germany; IL, NE, CO, MO notebook of Boom Family, beginning with history of John Tidde Boom and Katherine Bank and some descendents, a transcript of Family Bible page, a Coat of Arms, and descendency chart beginning with Tidde Jensen Boom and Maria Schroeder 
2670 Calvin Fairbanks Bonney, Harriott Cheney Bonney; A Tribute Sherman Grant Bonney 1930 The Rumford Press, Concord, NH Bonney, Cheney 1634-1920's France; Cornish, Kent, Manchester, England; FL, NY limited ed. #313; hard cover, 320pp; 
2668 The Story of the Bloods Roger Deane Harris 1960 self-published Blood 1605-late 1800's England; MA hard cover, 202pp; History of the Bloods in England and America, with a 4-generation genealogy, plus some lineages extended through the 12th generation
  Two Blaszkowski/Blaski Family Histories from the Early 1800s to the Present Marvin F. Blaski 2004 Creative Continuum, Inc Blaszkowski/Blaski, Zynda/Zinda, Tominska, Kowalczyk 1880's-1980's West Prussia, Bytonia, West of Danzig; Posen; Chicago, IL;  hard cover, 345 pp;  Slavik Kashubian families living in West Prussia, West of Danzig (Gdansk); immigrated to Chicago in 1880's; with information on passenger  Chicago churches
2671 Boone; The Oregon Trace Philip C. Biddle 1981 self-published Boone, Bryan, Morgan, Linville, Morris, Van Bibber 1846-1981 Lincon Co, OR;  hard cover, 393 pp; Boones that went west to Oregon in 1846; with histories of early Boones in PA
6171 Christian Ludwig Ulrich (von) Born; Dänischer Artillerie-Offizier, Kommandant auf den Färöern und Amtsverwalter in Apenrade 1744-1805 Kurt Langenheim 1984 magazine article von Born, Selle 1744-1805 Denmark, Faroe Island soft-cover; biography of Christian von Born, a Danish Artillery Officer and Commander in the Faroe Islands and Administrator in Apenrade
219 The Boone Family; A Genealogical History of the Descendants of George and Mary Boone Who Came to America in 1717 Hazel Atterbury Spraker 1922 Genealogy Publishin Co, Inc. Boone, Bryan, Burris, Tribble, Callaway, Davis, Watts, Douglass, Edwards, Foulke, Hughes, Gentry, Grubbs, Harris, Lincoln, Linville, Mayberry, McClure, Morgan, Smith, Crump, Scholl, Spurgeon, Stoner, Tallman, Van Bibber, Van Cleve 1666-1922 Devonshire, England; PA, VA, WV, NC, OH, IN, KY, IL, MO hard copy; eleven generations of the Boone Family, descendant from George and Mary Boone who came to America in 1717
2652 The Bouviers; Portrait of an American Faily John H. Davis 1969 Farrar, Straus & Giroux Bouvier, Bonaparte, Drexel, Sergeant 1815-1960's Rhone Valley: Pont Saint Esprit, France; Grenoble, France; New York, Philadelphia hard copy; 417 pp; Beginning with Michael Bouvier, the immigrant ancestor, who arrived in America around 1815, a family narrative through the 2nd and 3rd generations to 1969
2579 Stammfolge der Familie BRAUSS durch vier Jahrhunderte Dr. Otto Brauss 1965 self-published Brauss 1587-1960's Hamburg, Hannover, Barmen, Elberfeld, Gemarke, Düsseldorf, Germany; Dayton, OH;  soft-cover pamphlet; includes family tree beginning with Jaspar Brauss in 1587 to the 1960's
5923 Wendel Brown (Johan Wendel Braun) & Descendants; Vol. VI, No. 1 ed. Georgia (Ewing) Breen-Morgan, Jean (Brown) Nepsund Winter, 1987 Ewing Genealogy Services Brown/Braun;  1786-1905 Westmorland Co, PA; Fayette Co, PA; Henry Co, IN; Mahaska Co, OH; Marysville, Union Co, OH; soft-cover pamplet, 30pp; Family newsletter; Solomon Brown, descendents of Adam - genealogy
5135 The Brandenburg Family; Harrison Co, Indiana E. Craig Brandenburg 1980 self-published Brandenburg, Lopp, Beard, Jenkins, Vulgamore 1752-1980 German Twp, PA; Corydon, Harrison Co, IN, Frederick Co, MD soft-cover, 
1564 The Brendlinger Family History 1660-1994 LeRoy R. Brendlinger     Brendlinger/Brentlinger/Brandlinger/Brantlinger, Lober, Moser/Moyer, Renninger 1660-1994 Rechbergreuthen, Winterbach, Günzburg, Bavaria; Ditzingen, Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany includes early Penna historical background (William Penn, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg) and Pennsylvania German language; arriving Philadelphia 1751;
2429 Bowen Family; The Bowen Genealogy   Oct 1963 reprint Bowen late 17C Somerset Co, MD; Gloucester, NJ reprint of Oct 1963 Atlantic Co. NJ Historical Society; tracing descendents of William Bowen of Somerset Co, MD
2428 Griffith Bowen of Boston   Oct 1883 reprint Bowen 1632- Glamorgan, Wales; Boston, Suffolk Co, MA NEHGR; New England Historical and Genealogical Register
1779 American Boyers Donald Arthur Boyer 1984 The Association of American Boyers, Inc. Boyer   Flommerscheim, Palatinate, Germany; VA, DE, PA, OH, UT, MO, TN hard cover, 646 pp; seven Boyer familes from the mid-Atlantic; mainly settling in Pennsylvania
1063 The Brewster Genealogy Emma. C. Brewster Jones 1908 The Grafton Press, New York Brewster 1566-1907 Allerton, Brewster hard cover, 2 Vol. set; A record of the descendants of William Brewster of the "Mayflower," ruling elder of the Pilgrim Church which founded Plymouth Colony in 1620; additionally, some newspaper clippings and hand-written notes pertaining to a St. Louis, MO branch of the family
98 Brommer Family History Barbara B. Freshwater 1996 not published Brommer, Wilson, Payne, Hipskind, Bowman, Drover, Yentes, Beene, Binyon, Feinauer, Schmidt, Graf, Goldmann, Gauss, Rintz, Betsch, Zeidl / Seidel, Hoffman, Klär, Reichle, Seider, Stewart, Mure 1933-1300's Scotland, England, Germany; PA, VA, MA, CO large binder containing Ahnentafel of Barbara Jean BROMMER (b. 1933) back 24 generations to Scottish King Walter STEWART (b. bef 1300), as well as printouts of pedigree and descendency charts
1064 Genealogy of Elizabeth Caroline Seymour Brown compiled by the Linares Chapter of the DAR 1954 not published Alverson, Arnold, Barnard, Belden, Benedict,Blakeslee, Bradstreet, Bronson, Bull, Coombs, Cornwall, Corbin, Curtiss, Doolittle, Dudley, Eastman, Fairbank, Foote, Gilbert, Gregory, Hawkins, Holmes, Hopkins, Hoyt, Lockwood, Lord, Manning, Marvin, Merriman, Miller, Morris, Mosse, Moulton, Munger, Needham, Parker, Potter, Seymour, Smith, Strong, Wade, Weed, White circa 1600-1954 England; New England soft-cover, 128 pp with index; family group sheets and information
1060 Grandmother Brown's Hundred Years 1827-1927 Harriet Connor Brown 1929 Blue Ribbon Books, New York Brown, Foster, Culver,  1744-1929 England; Salem, Rutland, MA; Athens, OH; Fort Madison, IA focuses on Maria Foster Brown, b. Athens, OH, 1827; father Ebenizer Foster, mother Achsah Culver; grandfather Zadoch Foster fr. Rutland, MA; Lt. Ebenezer Foster arr. Rutland in 1744 from Salem, MA; also includes 19C and early 20C family history,  celebrates 99th Birthday in Ft. Madison, IA in 1926; d. 1929