Germanic Genealogy Society

Type: Non-Profit, Genealogical Society
Purpose: To provide educational programing and resources.
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Contact Information:
Membership: Plans are for individuals, couples, or organizations
  • United States Memberships: $20 per year 
  • International Memberships: 
    • Plan A: $20 per year with digital copy of Germanic Genealogy Journal
    • Plan B: $30 per year with paper copy of Germanic Genealogy Journal
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Membership Benefits
  • A 32-page quarterly Germanic Genealogy Journal (currently, we are publishing 56 page double issues - two issues as one)
  • Our monthly E-News. An emailed newsletter that informs members of upcoming events.
  • Access to experienced Germanic Researchers
  • Access to our Members-Only section on this website, which includes:
    • Access to PDF copies of past editions of our Germanic Genealogy Journal
    • Handouts from past meetings and webinars
    • Aids for using our library materials
    • Update access to the GGS Surname Research database.
  • Free access to our extensive library collection at Concordia University located in St. Paul, MN.
  • Free access to the Minnesota Genealogy Society Library in South Saint Paul, MN.
  • Discount on Germanic Genealogy, 3rd Edition.
  • GGS holds many events each year which have included
    • ​Workshops held at Concordia University, the location of our Germanic Genealogy Library Collection
    • Spring and Fall Meetings
    • Annual Conference
    • Monthly German Study Group - to learn, practice, and teach how to read German genealogy documents
    • Annual Membership Meeting
    • Translation events
    • Regular webinars (anyone may listen to the live webinar; members receive the handout and may watch later)
Research Areas:
  • Worldwide - wherever German ancestors are found
  • Focus is on helping Americans locate their German ancestry
Research Services:
  • Our Research Committee is willing to assist and recieve research queries
  • Willing to assist researchers from other countries
Germanic Genealogy Library Collection:
  • Research Library: located in Library Technology Center at Concordia University, 1282 Concordia Ave, St Paul, MN 55104
  • Concordia University Library Website: always check for current hours
  • GGS Holdings at Concordia
Sales: See our GGS Store for current pricing and additional offerings.
  • Germanic Genealogy - A Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns, 3rd Edition, published in 2007
    • By Edward R, Brandt, Ph.D., Mary Sutter Bellingham, Kent Cutkomp, Kermit Frye, Patricia Adams Lowe, and Paul Sternberg.
      Book cover, Germanic GenealogyA comprehensive 660 page handbook for Germanic family-history researchers is written and published by GGS with a lay-flat binding.. This third edition is highly recommended by librarians and researchers.  The book is available in many public libraries or can be purchased from GGS, member can recieve a reduced price.  
  • Beginner's Guide to Germanic Genealogy 2nd Edition
    • By Lois Hemmeter Edwards
Beginner’s Guide to Germanic Genealogy 2nd Edition
​​This 100-page hands-on guide for beginning and intermediate Germanic-genealogy research includes six worksheets to guide your research, a clear goal and easy to read essays on 39 essential topics. This low cost guide will save you time and frustration as you proceed.