International German Genealogy Partnership

Professional researchers

The information below is provided for anyone interested in hiring a professional to assist with their research. Contact the researcher directly to discuss scope of work, fees, etc. IGGP does not endorse any individual researcher, and all arrangements are to be made privately.

Research Specialty
 Researcher Name
Business Name
Based in Pennsylvania, is an editor and researcher for Legacy  Tree Genealogists
Beidler, James M.
James M. Beidler
German emigration, Jewish research, military research (WWI and WWII. Located in Hamburg since 2004. Offers complete genealogical research in all of Germany as well as the former provinces in the East. On request, research in other countries as well.  
Bentschneider, Andrea
Beyond History
49-40-46 77 77 35
German, English fluently; read/understand French, Dutch, Latin and Spanish
Located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Researches German immigrants and descendants in Brazil. Research of which region/village in Germany the immigrant left and in which Colony in Brazil he settled. Searches lists of ships. Also researches immigrants from other ethnic groups in Brazil: French, Italians, Poles and Portuguese.
Braun, Jaqueline Maria Jaque Braun Genealogical Researches    
Portuguese; reads English, German, Spanish, Italian
Research in the Eastern Slovakia territory (Spis county, Saris county, Zemplin county, Abov-Turna county, Gemer county and Uz county), which was part of Austria - Hungary Empire; also other parts of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. Conka, Stefan & Rado Slovak Genealogy Assistance  
Reads church records written in old German script back to 16th century, also Latin and French. He will summarize or translate into English. He is very much interested in researching emigration from Germany to America.
Geiger, Roland
Roland Geiger Historische Forschung or
German (standard and some local dialects), English (fluent), some French and Latin, four words in Russian and Japanese language, and Klingonaase
Genealogical research / research plans / translation / transcription related to / in Switzerland.  Located in Zurich, Switzerland Hausheer, Yvonne My Swiss Past English, French, German
Emigration from Bavaria, Bohemia, Franconia, Palatinate, Austria Hofer, Andreas Family Research Service German (native), English (fluent), Latin (translation), French, Bavarian (native)
A professional genealogist, author, and educator who specializes in Maryland and German research. She resides in the Baltimore-Washington area and has easy access to many significant research facilities, such as the: Maryland State Archives, Maryland Center for History and Culture (formerly the Maryland Historical Society), and the Enoch Pratt Free Library, National Archives and Records Administration, the DAR Library, and the Library of Congress
Hoffman, Debra A.
Hoffman Genealogical Services
English, translates German church and civil records
Organization provides listing of professional accredited researchers in Europe, South America and North America   International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists  
Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg-Altona ( without Hamburg City ), neighboring Sonderjütland / Denmark
Jacobsen, Uwe
German, English
Genealogical research work in Braunschweig/Brunswick and Hannover.
Kaufmann, Jens Th.
German, English, Latin, French
Reads and translates old German script with special interest in 18th-century German immigration to Pennsylvania with extensive experience in repositories there. Place of origin speciality of American immigrants with network contacts in Germany.
Lacopo, Michael D., D.V.M.
Traces U.S. German immigrants to place of origin. Researches in most states and provinces of the German Empire of 1871, mostly using microfilm or contacting archives and churches by mail or e-mail. Conducts some research on-site in archives, town offices. Speaks to societies and teaching classes in old German script, reading documents, Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon, Hamburg passenger lists, emigration sources, Internet sources for German research, etc.
Lowrey, Joanne Neumann
English, translates German church and civil records
Specialty genealogical research in Munich and Bavaria, transcriptions, translations
Mautner, Michael
Michael Mautner Genealogie
+49 175 227 23 75
German, English, French, Italian, Latin
Nineteenth-century German immigrants to the United States; reading German script. Also specializes in Midwest United States, especially Illinois and Chicago.
McMillin, Teresa, CG®
Lind Street Research
English, translates German church and civil records
Specializes in Luxembourg research
O'Sullivan, Bryna
Charter Oak Genealogy
English, French
Genealogical research in Bavaria (back to 14th century), Saxony, Bohemia and Moravia; transcription and translation of German documents Pöhlmann, Thomas Dr. Genealogiebüro Dr. Pöhlmann     German, English, some French, translate Latin texts
Genealogical research in Berlin, Brandenburg, Neumark, Pomerania, East Prussia, West Prussia, Silesia, Poland, Lithuania, Bessarabia, Volhynia; emigrants from Brandenburg to Poland and Russia; Jewish research
Rückling, Stefan
German, English, Polish.
Genealogical research in South Germany (Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg), transcriptions, translations
Schleichert, Sabine
German Genealogical Research Service
49-89-14349363    49-176-45503994
German (native), English (fluent), Romanian (rudimentary), French (rudimentary), Latin (reading)
Steinbruch, Karl-Heinz
Mecklenburgica - Archive- and Research Service
German, English
Research Hesse (South Hesse, Middle Hesse), Palatinate and Lower Franconia. Online shop for Ortsfamilienbücher (family books) and more.
Stephan, Andreas
Genealogische Dienstleistungen
49-6162-938 9809
German, English
Located in Dresden (Saxony). Offers actively support for genealogical research in all of Saxony, including archive research and consulting for online research concerning current and former Saxon area. Helps to find traces of ancestors in places of Saxony today.
Thiele, Lars
 Recherchedienst Thiele/derArchivbegleiter
German, English
Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Thuringia
Tüngler, Carsten H. O.
General Agency for Genealogy
German, English
Research Rhineland-Palatinate (including Bavaria Rheinprovinz, Hesse (South Hesse, Middle Hesse), Northern Baden
Ullrich, Bernhard
Genealogical Research
German, English, French
Research in all state and church archives in Rheinland, Palatinate and Hessen-Nassau. Transcriptions and translations of all kind of documents given since the Middle Ages
Weidenbach, Markus
German, English, French, reads Latin and Dutch texts
Researches in the former areas of Baden, Württemberg, Hohenzollern, and western Bavaria
Wollmershäuser, Friedrich R.
Genealogical Research in Southwest Germany
German, English, translates Latin and Ancient Greek; also translates French civil records and parish registers