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Registration Questions

Are discounted hotel rooms still available for IGGC participants?
The Hyatt Hotel, where the conference is held, is nearly full for the currently allocated conference rooms. While some additional Hyatt rooms may become available through cancellations, the Marriot Residence Inn--which is only 2 blocks away from the Hyatt--has conference hotel rooms allocated and available at the conference discounted rate. The discount rates at both hotels expire on May 23.
Now that online registration has closed, how do I update my registration?
Only corrections to contact information for yourself and your guests are now accepted. Contact the Help Desk. 
How do I obtain a replacement registration receipt?
Contact the Help Desk. 
I did not purchase a syllabus. How can I print or bring my own copy?
A digital syllabus (PDF file) will be emailed to you prior to the conference assuming the email address in your registration is valid. If you do not receive that email by one week prior to the conference, contact the Help Desk for assistance.. 
Are my class selections actual seat reservations?
Your class selections are important to help us allocate rooms, but are not reservations and are not binding. All seating will be on a first come basis.
How can I get more information about the listed classes and speakers?
Select Schedule + Videos option under the Conference 2019 menu to view or download the schedule.
When do I get my registration packet?
Pick up your registration packet on Friday from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM or Saturday from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM.  Late arrivals can pick up their packet at the conference information desk.
What are guests allowed to do and not do?
Guests may visit the vendor areas. They may also register for two paid events: the Friday Biergarten and the Sunday Banquet and attend the Connection sessions. They may not attend the presentation sessions or keynote luncheons.
Are there volunteer opportunities for guests during conference sessions?
Yes, contact the Help Desk for information.
How do I cancel my registration?
Now that registration has closed, cancellation requests are no longer accepted.  
What happens if I need to cancel a meal event?
Meals are non-refundable, but you may be able to resell your meal in person through the conference information table.
I did not receive my syllabus.
The email containing a downlaod link for the syllabus was sent May 27, 2019. Look in your junk mail folder which, depending on how your email is set up, may be located either on your computer or one the email server. The email would have been sent by If you can't fnd it, contact the Registration Help Disk as described in the next question.
I I lost my syllabus download email.
Contact the Registration Help Desk and they can provide a link that you can use to display the sent email message. But first they must confirm your identify as an authorized attendee. That will be done by checking your email address against the registration database for asking you for confirming contact information.
How do I download by syllabus document?
In the sent email message, click on the "Download your digital copy" link to display it in a browser window. This may take a few minutes for most people since the file size is 42 MB. After it is displayed, you can save it as a PDF file suitable for taking with you to the conference or printing a paper copy. Exactly how to save from the browser window to a PDF file depends on which browser and operating system you are using, Possibilities include pressing a download button, selecting Save from the menu or from a right-click pop-up menu.
Where is the program schedule?
You will be provided with a paper copy of the program schedule at the conference after checking in. It will be in your attendee packet.
What is a QR code and how do I use it?
A QR code is a method for providing a "quick response" using your smart device. That's just what we will be asking you to do at the conference: use your smart device to retrieve the online feedback form for each presentation you attend. Here's how you can do a test run before you arrive.
  • Each presentation has been assigned its own QR code and URL. You'll find this code on signs outside the rooms, in the syllabus (the digital copy was sent a couple weeks ago) or on the last slide of each speaker's presentation.
  • You use your smart device and a QR app, available on your later model iPhone or in your iPhone/Android store, to focus at the code. It takes you straight to the evaluation form for that session. Or you can type the session URL into your browser.
  • Why did we go to the trouble of creating all these QR codes? Our eyes are still blurry!
  • Because your feedback on each session is invaluable. Your comments let us know which presentations were helpful and help guide the planning for the next IGGP conference.
Sample session QR code (URL)
Complete instructions for completing the session evaluations are on page 18 of the syllabus. You can practice using the below QR code which points to the IGGP website home page.
QR code for the IGGP website (URL)